In 2008 in Frunze village of Slobozia district, the company founded a modern (breeding) pig-breeding complex with a capacity of up to 10 000 heads. When organizing the complex, the main task we saw was ensuring the market of  Pridnestrovie with domestic-produced pork. With the purpose of popularizing pig breeding and attracting farmers to cooperation in 2010, the Republican Conference on "How to effectively grow pigs?" was held.


Produced breeds of pigs - meat and bacon direction, - allow young animals to be obtained with a minimum conversion of feed and early growth of growth - 110-115 kg with a maintenance up to 180 - 190 days, the thickness of a fat - up to 18 mm.


Highly qualified specialists of the PUK carry out practical management of all zootechnical and veterinary processes at the complex.


By creating a modern pig-breeding complex, the company implements a phased development model through the organization of a vertically integrated biosafety system and a hybridization system.


To expand the implementation of pigs, a project was implemented for the slaughtering plant with reprocessing by purchasing a modular slaughterhouse certified for the countries of the Customs Union.




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